PEAKY BLINDERS is an epic gangster drama set in the lawless streets of post-war Birmingham on the cusp of the 1920s. It inspires a particular devotion in its fans, from teenagers emulating haircuts and adopting the Shelby Swagger, to dedication from the discerning consumer of quality drama. Audiences are bound by their fierce loyalty to the Shelby family, as they battle to contain their ever-growing network. A binge worthy hit that never ceases to entertain, surprise, and reward its cult-like fans around the world.

A decade ago, Peaky Blinders made its debut, swiftly establishing itself as one of the worlds most beloved dramas. It garnered widespread critical praise and became a cultural phenomenon. In honour of the series’ 10th anniversary PiK Coins has crafted a commemorative tribute, carefully tailored for both devoted Peaky Blinders enthusiasts and discerning coin collectors alike. A dedicated series of coins paying homage to the iconic Peaky Blinders.

The inaugural coin within this series meticulously portrays the revered leader and most influential member of the Shelby family, Thomas Shelby. On the coin’s reverse, Tommy is impeccably dressed in a timeless and sophisticated suit, complemented by a coat that exudes elegance, alluding to his enduring sense of style. Atop his head rests a flat cap, emblematic of the era in which he thrives. Behind him, a discerning eye will catch Tommy’s distinctive silhouette, smoking a cigarette. The background wallpaper features a pocket-watch suspended from a chain, a cherished accessory that remains an ever-present companion in the main character’s journey.

Towards the top of the coin, an inscription captures one of Tommy’s key quotes and in the lower section, his name is etched onto a razor blade. Both elements bear a luxurious gold-plated finish.

On the coin’s obverse, set against the urban backdrop of a working-class neighbourhood in Birmingham, three pivotal characters come into view: Thomas, his brother Arthur, and their aunt Polly. On the right side of the coin we see the official 10th anniversary logo.

Limited mintage to only 1000 pieces worldwide!

Weight 1 kg


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