We present a special version of the Pablo Escobar coin. It was created for World Money Fair 2024 and premiered at the fair.
It was produced in a mintage of only 99 pieces worldwide.

Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria was a Colombian drug baron dubbed “the king of cocaine”, who became one of the richest men in the world by smuggling cocaine into the US. According to the US and Colombian governments, the media and the public, he was one of the most powerful, as well as the most dangerous, ruthless and brutal drug barons in history.

This year marks the round 30th anniversary of Pablo Escobar’s death, and to mark the occasion PiK Coins prepared a special coin in cooperation with Escobar Inc.

On the reverse of the coin we see the figure of Pablo Escobar against the background of one of his properties, Hacienda Nápolés in Colombia. The estate included a Spanish colonial house, a park with sculptures and a zoo. The villa, located in mountainous terrain surrounded by jungle, provided Pablo with an asylum. We can observe one of Pablo’s private jet’s that flies over the villa.

On the obverse we see an accurately reproduced map of Medellin and a map of Colombia.

Although Escobar was an enemy to the Colombian and US governments, he was very popular in his hometown of Medellín. He cultivated his good name by sponsoring soccer stadiums and youth soccer clubs. He tried to create his image as a modern-day Robin Hood and often gave away money to the poor. In revenge, local people often helped Escobar hide from the police.

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