This 2 oz silver coin is dedicated to Samson. He is a legendary hero whose strength lies in his hair. His unrivaled power enables him to overcome incredible challenges and defeat his enemies. Samson’s hair symbolizes his connection to a higher power and reminds us of the potential we can unlock when we believe in ourselves.

This extraordinary collectible coin encapsulates the strength and valor of the legendary Samson as he fearlessly rends the jaws of a lion. It serves as a vibrant tribute to this epic moment, offering a unique opportunity to possess a symbol of power and bravery.

Expertly crafted, the coin showcases intricate details that accentuate the energy and dynamism of the scene. The relief image of Samson, focused and mighty, is captured in the pinnacle of his unrivaled strength, while the lion’s jaws express astonishment and defiance.

This collectible coin is not only a work of art but also a valuable keepsake that embodies rich history and symbolism. Manufactured using advanced techniques, it makes a splendid addition to any collection or a remarkable gift for true connoisseurs of history and art.

It has high relief and antique finish quality. It comes in a themed box along with the certificate of authenticity.

Limited edition of only 500 pieces worldwide.

Weight 1 kg


Face value












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