We are proud to present White Horse, the first issue in the new Seven Seals of the Apocalypse series.

The first seal presents a white horse, and its interpretation in a positive spirit refers to spiritual victory, hope and peace. It is a symbol of triumph, heralding the bringing of goodness and peace.

The symbolic image on the coin, titled “White Horse – Victory,” depicts a scene with the first rider on a white horse. He is often identified with Christ as a figure bringing the expectation of salvation and heralding a period of peace and hope. Its connotations include spiritual victory, triumph and the beginning of a new and better period to come, removing suffering and injustice and replacing them with kindness, love and harmony. It is a symbol of hope for salvation and positive transformation, in which good overcomes evil.

The golden bow facing the soldiers of the Roman empire, is a symbol of strength and shows a willingness to defend values and fight for justice. Roman soldiers represent antagonistic forces, the scene is a symbolic reflection of determination and readiness to defend truth and spiritual values, being the hope of victory over evil.

The coin has a high relief, gilding colour and seal insert. It comes in a box with COA.

Limited mintage of only 500 pcs worldwide.

Weight 1 kg


Face value






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Wooden Box


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