We presents the first coin in the new Valkyries series from Germania Mint.
In mythology, the Valkyries carried souls of the bravest warriors fallen in battle to Valhalla. This 1oz coin shows Hildegard, one of Odin’s daughters as the protector of men.
Behind the Valkyrie there is a stronghold, guarded by a high wall of wooden palisade. In her hand Hildegard holds a Germanic spear and a shield with an image of the Fenrir wolf. On the goddess’ armor the rune Algiz is engraved – its function is to protect and give a sense of security, openness and support.

This edition is ennobled with Antique finish and colours, packaged in a brand new wooden presenter. All placed together with a certificate in a Qureco box.

The coin has a mintage limited to 999 pieces.

Weight 1 kg

Face value





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