We present Fenrir Ultra Double High Relief 2 oz, long-awaited coin by Collectors in the Germania Beasts series.

Fenrir, a giant wolf with jaws reaching earth and sky, heralding the fall of the divine world. Raised in Asgard under the tutelage of Odin, and eventually bound by the magical yoke of Gleipnir, Fenrir suffered unimaginable torment. According to prophecy, an earthquake will destroy Gleipnir, and the freed Fenrir will slay Odin in a great battle between gods and giants, giving the beast eternal memory.

The design of the next coin in the Beasts series continues the concept of the figure encompassing obverse and reverse, which when placed side by side give a picture of the whole design. The obverse of the coin shows the head and torso of the mythical wolf. The reverse shows the torso of Fenrir and the symbol of the two-headed eagle inherent in Germania Mint.

The coin is minted in ultra high relief, which highlights the exceptional details of the design. Both sides of the coin are lavishly ennobled UV Effect, Chameleon, Antique Finish and Glow in the Dark.

The 999 pieces of the Fenrir Ultra Double High Relief 2 oz Silver BU numbered coin will include a Certificate of Authenticity and dedicated packaging, including Acrylic Glass Display and Qureco box.

Each 2 oz Fenrir also comes with a free Germania Mint UV flashlight to bring out the coin’s “monstrous” beauty.

Weight 1 kg

Face value






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