This is the fifth edition in the Frozen Rhodium series.

For the first time it is a bullion coin from Europe. Britannia is the name that the ancient Romans used to describe the two largest British Isles (Britannia Hibernia, i.e. Ireland and Britannia Maior, meaning Great Britain). Over time, her personification based on an ancient prototype was on English coins minted since the 17th century. To the Frozen Rhodium series joined Britannia stamped for 2017.

On the reverse was the image of a warrior in a long airy dress with a shield and a trident in her hand. Around the rant there is information about the name of the coin, the year of issue, the weight and the metal from which it was made. The obverse has the image of Queen Elizabeth II and the denomination. In the “frozen” frame imitating the northern lights Britannia looks magical and fleeting.

This effect was achieved thanks to rhodium plating. Beautiful coin!

This coin is no longer legal tender, as it is altered version of an original “legal tender” coin, enhanced by a private Mint in Germany, which is not related in any way to Royal Mint.

Weight 1 kg


Face value










Wooden Box


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