We present a new coin dedicated to Che Guevara. This controversial character was born on June 14, 1928, in Rosario, Argentina, and died on October 9, 1967, in La Higuera, Bolivia, was a revolutionary icon and a key figure in the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro. He is known for his passionate commitment to social justice, Marxist-Leninist ideology, and his enduring image as a symbol of rebellion and defiance.

While Guevara is revered by many for his commitment to social justice, he is also a controversial figure. Critics point to his involvement in executions and human rights abuses during his time in power in Cuba. His image is often a subject of debate, with some viewing him as a hero and others as a ruthless dictator.

Che Guevara’s iconic image, captured in a famous photograph by Alberto Korda, has become a symbol of rebellion and resistance worldwide. His life and legacy continue to inspire activists, artists, and revolutionaries, and he remains a polarizing figure in history.

The coin has an Antique Finish and Bernit Steel. It comes in a box with COA.

Limited mintage of only 100 pcs worldwide.

Weight 1 kg


Face value












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